What Is Video Strategy?

Strategic Brand Empowerment

Your Brand is so much more than your identity, services, promises, and values; your Brand is the result of all these elements. Empower your company by expressing your Brand holistically through the number one online conversion tool: VIDEO.

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Our Process

1. We listen

We conduct a discovery session to learn about you, your company, goals, audience, and competitors. This will allow us to build a foundation and execute an effective video strategy.

2. We plan

After we clarify your vision for success, we start to plan. This includes pitching concepts, storyboarding, and solidifying your brand positioning through the medium of video.

3. We Shoot

Once we’re set on your Brand vision, concept, and script we get to have fun! We schedule our production dates and get to work.

4. We Deliver

We take the time to capture your vision and make sure it aligns with an effective Brand strategy. Once we deliver the final files, we will pair you with one of our digital marketing partners to strategize how to market your videos effectively.

Our Services

Video Strategy

Our Video Strategy combines our expertise in Branding, Video Production, and Digital Marketing. We dedicate the time to learn and create a strategic video that empowers your Brand. A Strategic video should achieve three overarching goals for your Business and what we strive to achieve:

1Your Video needs to empower and promote your Brand Positioning effectively to your target audience.

2Your Video should be representative of your Brand’s excellence through the quality of production.

3Your Video should convert. Lay the foundation of your digital marketing strategy through your Video’s strategic messaging and Brand positioning.

Social Strategy

Developing your Brand presence on social media is an easy task on the surface level, but it requires a lot more attention than most realize.

The reality is unless you have a dedicated staff towards promoting your Brand presence effectively on all your social media channels, you simply do not have the time to dedicate to this endeavor as an owner.

The most effective promotion requires a strategy. You will need to consider your positioning in the marketplace, your audience, and what goals you want to achieve. Do you want more leads, more presence, or to promote a product or service?

Allow us to handle all the hard work. We will work with you to develop your goals and stay consistent to deliver the return you seek.

Our Work

About Us

Welcome to Ignite Video Strategy

We are located in Salem, Virginia, and have the pleasure of serving the Roanoke Valley and beyond. We offer our expertise and help empower your Brand through the power of video strategy. Our holistic approach allows us to combine our expertise in Branding, Video Production, and Digital Marketing to create lasting assets and tools for your Business.

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